The AI part of the October IDC is completed

The AI part of the October IDC is completed

Tom, Xavier and Maurice are Assistant Instructors right now but they're not done yet and tomorrow, after our well deserved day off they will continue with the OWSI part of the IDC.

Besides lots of classroom time, we also did plenty of pool work the last week and here's Tom with a demonstration of a giant stride, a way to enter the water.

Xavier and Maurice during the buddy breathing skill, during which skill two divers share one regulator and share air.

Maurice during his Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent or CESA skill.

Plenty of Rescue practice has been conducted, for Rescue exercise # 7 from the Rescue diver course, here's Xavier being rescued by Tom.

As usual, we have plentiful and lovely lunches at World Resort.

Stay tuned for next weeks update on the OWSI course.


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