Some more Specialty Instructor training wrapped up

Some more Specialty Instructor training wrapped up

Over the last couple of days, I completed some more Instructor level Specialty training with Massi and Steve from the August IDC.

The Specialties taught were amongst others; Underwater Navigation-, Night- (currently PADI's Specialty of the month), Deep- and Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor.

Scorpion fish at Chaweng Beach

Loads of fun was had and we during some excellent dives at Chaweng Beach and Sail Rock I had the opportunity to take some great pix again.

Nemo's Dad, Marlin, or clown fish, somewhere on a single sea anemone in the middle of nowhere on Chaweng Beach!

You tell me what this is, it has the blue coloured rings of a blue ringed octopus and the head tentacles and size of a nudibranch. Never seen one of these before, neither did Becci, one of the Instructors on Samui currently who also saw this species and can't figure out what it is.

Thanks to Richard, it looks like we found the culprit or also known as Bursatella leachii de Blainville, 1817

Order: ANASPIDEA Family: Aplysiidae

During the night dive we spotted this crab hiding in a barrel sponge.

Last but not least, during one of the deep dives at Sail Rock, I saw for the first time ever in the Gulf a Giant moray eel. It was well hidden in a crevice but once I spotted it, we looked in awe at it for a while, it was at least a meter and a half long and it's body had the size of a strong upper leg!


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