Saturday, September 20, 2008

Project AWARE Underwater Beach Clean Up, 2008

Today was Project AWARE Underwater Beach Clean Up, 2008

And we choose Chaweng Beach to clean up. Under a beautiful sun, we gathered at 10 am in the morning for this years event of Project Aware's Clean up day the biggest worldwide underwater clean up event of its kind, organised by Project Aware.

Ready for action and to take on Chaweng Beach, from left to right Oliver (Divemaster), Jason (Divemaster), Dao (Open Water), Camille (Course Director), Michael (Samui International Diving School shop manager), Ella and Patrick (both Divemaster trainees).

Michael producing a cloud of dust whilst putting some debris in a bag.

Unfortunately the beach is littered with debris and that's what we tackled today.

About International Cleanup Day;

Project AWARE Foundation spearheads global underwater cleanups during International Cleanup Day and year round. This annual volunteer event addresses the devastating impact of marine debris on the aquatic environment.

Project AWARE empowers dive centers and individuals to clean the world’s oceans, lakes, rivers and shorelines. Volunteers take part in practical cleanup solutions and collect data which is vital for change.

International Cleanup Day is held annually on the 3rd Saturday in September but cleanup and data collection activities are supported by Project AWARE, partners and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

In 2007 a total of 358,617 recorded volunteers helped Project AWARE clean 34,560 miles of shoreline and remove seven million pounds of rubbish.

This is the kind of stuff one can find a couple of hundred meters off the beach!

Anybody in need of a second hand car tyre? Plenty of those around Chaweng Beach!

After the dive, still dripping wet and with 3 masks that I found wrapped around my BCD.

Dao after the dive. She and Jason found three bags worthwhile of trash and a couple of buckets along Chaweng Reef.

After the dive, after having collected around 12 bags full of trash, including 3 buckets and a basket, 3 masks, 2 snorkels, dozens of empty glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, pieces of plastic and fabric in total weighing roughly 75 KG's!



Anonymous said...

well done with your efforts on cleaning up the coastline around Samui, Hard work I'd Imagine, but very good job satisfaction.

My family are coming over on 25th September and my partner loves diving, we will be coming to book a dive at some point during our stay!


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Kellie,

Thnaks for checking in! It was very satisfactory indeed and it was a very enjoyable dive as well!

Am looking forward hearing from you once you're on Samui!

Richard said...

A little disappointing though, only 3 masks? Ah i know, at the S&R specialty found a lot of masks than... Didn't you catch any octopussy's?

Camille Lemmens said...

A couple of remains of other masks, like skirts and such.....

No octopussy, although a few other things, more anemone shrimp, a few pix are on Facebook, think you saw them already.

Anonymous said...

Very good job! I appreciate all your and your team's efforts to keep the beach nice and clean for us :-)
I will take advantage of your 'FREE every day Discover Scuba' when I visit Samui again ;-)


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Volker,

Thanks for the moral support, one of those occasions where you wished you were here!

I'm sure we can also arrange for some form of Scuba Review for you ;-)