Wreck and Deep dive Specialties in Pattaya completed

Wreck and Deep dive Specialties in Pattaya completed

Today we completed another two dives, one on the Hardeep aka The Suddhadib during which Massi and Volker completed their Wreck Specialty Instructor training. The second dive of the day was done at Koh Rong Nong where Volker completed his Deep dive Instructor Specialty and Massi completed his first dive of this specialty, since he had to skip yesterday's deep dive.

The Hardeep dive was very enjoyable and we covered all of the 70 meter long wreck at the lee side during a 35 minute dive on Nitrox. There was no current to speak during our descent and ascent which was a nice change compared to yesterday.

Here Volker can be seen preparing the penetration line.

Inside the Hardeep.

Massi at Koh Rong Nong after his timed task at depth.

During our ascent we spotted this beautiful cleaner shrimp.

A scorpion fish at Koh Rong Nong, hard to spot due to it's great camouflage abilities.

It was a great weekend of diving with two complete different experiences at the Hardeep, both of which I wouldn't wanted to have missed.

I'm already looking forward to the next trip.


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