Various Instructor Specialties and EFR Instructor under way in August 2008

Various Instructor Specialties and EFR Instructor under way in August 2008

The last week Rob and me have been really busy with Instructor Specialty training.

We started out with the Underwater Navigation and Search & Recovery Specialties on Chaweng Beach to be followed by another Beach dive for the Night Dive Instructor Specialty.

The above picture shows Rob walking Chaweng Beach with a compass in his hand, doing 'dry runs' for the Underwater Navigation and Search & Recovery patterns he will need to complete underwater.

During our dives on Chaweng Beach, we saw this lovely Sea Horse and watched it for a few minutes. Real graceful creatures!

Once more I also encountered an unidentified shell, at least for me. The strange thing was the melodion look alike strand that came out from underneath the actual shell. Anybody any idea what this can be?

This shell on the other hand, on a picture taken during the Digital Underwater Photography dive could be for a toothpaste commercial; Did you brush your teeth well enough?

For the Deep dive specialty we went to Sail Rock yesterday and it was a fantastic dive with up to 25 meters visibility, lots of different fish all over the place and in general a fantastic reminder of why we become divers!

Today we completed the EFRI course, Bill from the July IDC joined us and we had a interesting day at the local recompression chamber in Bang Rak where the course was held. Each EFRI course includes a Chamber orientation which is highly interesting and usually well received by my students.

Tomorrow it's one more day off on the boat, starting the Deep dive Specialty with Bill and finishing it off with Steve from the June IDC. They both will come on a 35 to 40 meter dive at Chumpon Pinnacle near Koh Tao.

This coming weekend it's off to Pattaya for another round of Wreck diving Instructor Specialties with Volker and Massi, so stay tuned for updates on that.


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