Thursday, August 7, 2008

The August 2008 IDC is about to start.

The August 2008 IDC is about to start.

Today we kicked off with the Prep IDC course and during the morning we spend time in the classroom, getting the red tape out of the way, completing the Course Orientation presentation and the 4 candidates completed their Physics exam.
In the afternoon it was Confined Water time, practicing a skill circuit and the rescue exercise # 7 from the Rescue diver course.

Massi in front, Volker on the left side, Rob in the middle and Steve behind Massi sweating it out during their Physics exam.

Group picture at the pool, just before they geared up, Rob, Volker, Steve and Massi. It was nice and warm in the pool. Check my Samui weather blog for daily updates on Samui's weather situation.
More to follow soon.


Richard said...

Wish them the best of luck

Anonymous said...

Good looking guys ;-) Best of luck!