Specialty Instructor training completed for July

Specialty Instructor training completed for July

Richard and me have completed the diving part of the Specialty Instructor training for July. We did a night dive, Sear & Recovery dives, one out of two Deep dives, so there's one more Deep dive to come, a Digital Underwater Photography (DUP) dive and a Navigation dive. During some dives we were also joined by Steve, who completed the June IDC.

This is all part of Richard's and Steve's MSDT training.

This is a reef crab, taken during the Night dive.

Chaweng Beach has some fantastic underwater life to offer, like this nudibranch.

This anemone shrimp was also spotted on Chaweng Beach.

During the DUP dive I took plenty of pictures of Christmas Tree worms, like the one above.

Early next month, my next IDC will be kicking, so keep your eyes posted!


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