Equipment and Gas Blender Instructor Specialties

Equipment and Gas Blender Instructor Specialties

Since I've been in the sick bay for a while, a nose/throat infection, which isn't beneficial to diving, Richard and me haven't done much training recently, but we did complete the Equipment and DSAT Gasblender Instructor Specialty courses.

These two pictures, above and below, show all the parts for a Mares R2 regulator first stage. The second stage is the assembled part in the middle of the picture.

Above shows the parts that are cleaned in a water/vinegar solution in the ultra sonic bath.

Below is a picture of an assembled Mares R 2 first and second stage.

This is Richard's way of repairing things, with good ol' faithful! Be warned!

In the next couple of days we should be out again for some diving, keep your eyes posted!


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