The June 2008 IDC is finished

The June 2008 IDC is finished

Today we completed the last Open Water dive, as part of the OWSI course and that opens the way for the PADI IE to start tomorrow. We will complete the closing ceremony of this IDC however, first thing tomorrow morning before the IE can kick off around 2 pm.

Let's have a look at some action shots first though;

Claire during one of her Knowledge Development or classroom presentations, telling us what a BCD can do and that we should own our own.

Steve during one of his classroom presentations, explaining how the eRDP works.

Part of the Japanese squad having fun next to the pool after one of the Confined Water dives.

All of the candidates before the Open Water dive today, do they look nervous or what? From left to right; Yumi, Claire, Masae, Steve, Saori and Junko.

After the Open Water dive, they're still smiling, they must have performed really well. Masae and Akira, the IDC Staff Instructor carrying the diver below marker buoy back on land.

Organised chaos after the dive, trying to clean up the equipment area whilst Yumi is practising to become 'Miss Samui weightbelt' and Saori is trying to figure out how to breathe from a snorkel.

Junko in love with her BCD!

Smiles all around, they all did well indeed and we're all looking confidently ahead to the IE. Stay tuned for more updates.


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