Friday, June 6, 2008

At last, more Gas Blending

At last, more Gas Blending

With a new IDC coming up in a few days, Steve took the opportunity to complete another part in his extensive Open Water to Go Pro CDC package today and that was the Gas Blender course.

Here's Steve during one of the cleaning tests, required during the course although it almost looks like he's forging an entry stamp with the help of an UV light to get into a show for free.

Steve at the controls at the mixing desk.
During the filling of a hand full of tanks, we also repaired some equipment as part of the Equipment repair course.
For lunch we went to Gai's Restaurant in Maenam, not to be missed when around this area for some good and cheap Thai food!
Keep your eyes posted for updates on the June IDC, starting in just a few more days!


Dave said...

I remember that stuff! Still think cranking the gas up so the tanks fill up in about a minute can't be THAT dangerous...

Camille Lemmens said...

It took you a full minute to fill a tank. Tsssss, slow boy ;-)