5 Divers missing and found after two days around Komodo Island, Indonesia

5 Divers missing and found alive around Komodo Island, Indonesia

After the 2 missing divers in Oz, recently extensively covered by me in my blog, there's a new party of missing divers, this time around near Komodo island, Indonesia, famous amongst others for the Komodo Dragons.

5 divers in total, 3 British, a Swedish and a French diver are missing for over 24 hours now in an area that is notoriously down for it's many currents, amongst others down currents which drag you down very rapidly and possibly very deep without a change of surfacing before you run out of air. It's big news in the UK, since 3 out of the 5 divers are British and the BBC World service has it on TV news and on it's website.

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In my very early dive career, just having passed my Advanced Open Water rating, I dived that area one day as well, a very easy dive site, considering my experience level at that time, well over 10 years ago, I still remember vividly the stories about the currents in this area though.

Kathleen Mitchison

Back to this story though, there are a few positive things that gives hope that they're still alive, first of all, there are small islands pretty much everywhere you go, so if the surfaced, it should not have been too hard to get on land. Secondly, the dive leader, Kathleen Mitchison, is a very experienced diver with a couple of thousand dives in this area.

Let's hope that they will be found alive quickly!


Within an hour of posting this article, the BBC World TV News resported that the five divers were found alive. At this moment, no further news is available.