Update on missing divers in Oz

Update on missing divers in Oz

After already having reported on my blog about the rescue of the two missing divers and the following controversy about their rescue it seems that there's no quick ending to this story.

One article in the Australian paper The Age think that the Lost divers could boost adventure tourism, bit strange if you ask me! However, at the end of this article there's some interesting information;

"Dive investigators from Queensland's Office of Workplace Health and Safety are now investigating the dive company, which reportedly took three hours to raise the alarm after realising the couple was missing.

Police have finished their investigation, and have confirmed no charges will be laid."

The Courier Mail, another Aussie paper has this title and article;
Rescued divers Richard Neely and Allyson Dalton slam dive company

The finger pointing continues although I find that slowly there's a pattern showing through, just in my opinion though, that it may well be that said couple were ignoring the dive plan and consequently ended up being in trouble. Nonetheless, I'm glad that they got rescued!

The discussion on Scubaboard keeps going on as well. I'm sure that the last word hasn't been said or written about this!


PS New articles, published today, in the UK based The Independent by Mark Hughes titled; Out of their depth: the Great Barrier Reef mystery and in the Courier Mail in OZ; Diary contradicts dramatic story by rescued divers Neely and Dalton have been published today. Both articles are highly critical of the missing divers story.
It's also mentioned that hey took a shark repellent on the dive, supposedly just 1.000,-GBP worth while. That's some expensive repellent!

Admittedly, it's all possible to do, dive in 7mm in not too cold water, take a bottle of water and a shark repellent on a dive, but it all adds up to an uncomfortable feeling about what's going on.

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