Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost divers should pay for their rescue

Lost divers should pay for their rescue

The story of the two missing divers in Australia, as I reported about, just a few days ago, is going to some interesting twists and loops.

I'm about to post a couple of links in this blog post which are all worth reading, but are too long to put full text up in my blog, so please click on the links to the articles accordingly.

First of all, here's an interesting article from the UK based 'The Guardian' about their ordeal and their rescue. Very interesting and worthwhile reading.

After this story, the next headline this story makes is that "Divers sell story for $1.1m as the blame game begins" as reported in the 'The Age', an Australian paper.

Even the BBC chimes in on their website with this article; 'Lost divers 'should pay rescue' .

American Alison Dalton and Briton Dick Neely after their rescue in a rescue helicopter

The real kicker however seems to be right now that there's a discussion going on about who must pay for the rescue, and the two divers supposedly have been approached to pay for their rescue! Here's a related article from the Daily Telegraph.

On Scubaboard is a lively discussion going on about this event in this thread (first register using the first link named Scubaboard and once the registration is completed or if you are already a Scubaboard member, log in to the thread link).

Lots of discussion about the guilt question and also good tips about safety precautions and safety dive equipment.

It also turns out that the male diver used to work in Thailand for a couple of years, around Phuket.

As a direct result, go out and buy your power whistle, signalling mirror, plastic bag, dive alert, strobe, back up strobe and extra long safety sausage! Don't waste time, just do it.

Being out in the open ocean on your own or with your buddy is no fun, been there and have a T-shirt to prove it but could have easily done without the shirt!

Dive safe!



Anonymous said...


Thanks for the postings. Glad to hear the divers are safe.

So did they have an SMB with them? I could not find that info in the articles. 200m from the boat, so close yet so far without it. It just goes to show that it should be standard issue for every diver or for at least for each buddy team.

Once I became a DM, it became standard regardless of the dive type or role I play.

Do you think PADI should add it to the standard kit for all AOW divers? Maybe deployment and use of SMB should be part of the AOW. Looking back, it would have been good to have been presented this type of training and encouragement to use it earlier in my dive training.


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Steve,

You're welcome. It's an interesting story and it's taking some interesting twists now as well.

It would be a good idea indeed if the SMB would be included in standard equipment for AOW level and upwards. Good suggestion.

There's an SMB specialty out, in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Just read the whole SB post. It appears they were both instructors and had an SMB. So did the boat make an error by not reporting this for 3 hours? Many twists as you say...


Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Steve,

That seems to be the discussion now, did the duo went out of their assigned dive area and thus kind of had this happen to them out of their own mistake or was the boat/captain negligent?

It's also not clear from what source the supposed 3 hour reporting delay comes from.

Many twists indeed. Very interesting thread.