Last update on the two missing divers in Oz

Here's a last update on the two missing divers in Oz

As a final follow up on the story of the two missing divers in Oz, and two follow ups, here and here this should be the final update on this story unless something drastically happens.

In the meantime, here are a few wise words from John Lippmann, executive Director of DAN Asia Pacific and a Media release by DAN AP.

Having read a few things about this case and having heard more facts, it seems that after all, this seems to be a good way to finish it all up;

John Lippmann's statement is copy protected, but if you follow this link to "Give these divers a break" it will lead you to a PDF file.

Here's DAN AP's media statement;

Statement from the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a group of worldwide not-for-profit membership-based organisations whose core mission involves striving to enhance the safety of diving for the recreational diving community.

John Lippmann, Executive Director of Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific stated: "The Divers Alert Network is very relieved and happy that Allyson and Richard were found and that they were relatively uninjured."

All DAN members are automatically covered with up to US$100,000 Emergency Evacuation Coverage, no matter where they are in the world, for diving and non-diving accidents or illnesses. In addition, members can choose to add dive injury insurance to their membership if required. This insurance is designed to pay for the medical costs associated with covered diving accidents.

It should be clarified that the Divers Alert Network is not an insurance company. The organisation, on behalf of its members, sources appropriate insurance coverage from a variety of insurance providers around the world. DAN is first and foremost an organisation focused on improving diving safety.

It should also be noted that DAN has never stated it would fully cover the costs of the search operation. John Lippmann, Executive Director of DAN Asia-Pacific, has confirmed to the rescue authorities, various media and later to the divers themselves that: "Richard and Allyson’s DAN Memberships and insurances would cover them for all costs associated in their emergency evacuation to hospital once they were found, and the associated hospital costs". DAN has also offered to make a modest contribution to the rescue organizations towards the cost of the rescue. However, at this point in time we have not been billed for any substantial amount and have told that this is unlikely to occur in this case.

DAN Asia-Pacific believes Queensland has one of the best diving safety records worldwide. Sadly, dive incidents such as this do occur from time to time. DAN maintains that scuba diving is a relatively safe sport and highly rewarding recreational activity, but, as with other adventure pursuits, mistakes and accidents are inevitable from time to time.

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