Sunday, January 27, 2008

Influences of Marketing Factors on Diving Trip Selection

Help a Thai University student with her project by filling out her questionnaire;

Influences of Marketing Factors on Diving Trip Selection

Browsing the net I found this questionnaire by Ms. Jittima Srivoranart, a student at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. She is studying MBA (International Business) and this questionnaire is for her IS (Independent Study) which is one subject of the course.

"This is a questionnaire which is set for the independent study of Master Degree in International Business Administration at Kasetsart University, done by Ms. Jittima Srivoranart. Its primary objective is to investigate influences of marketing factors toward the selection of scuba diving trip."

The questionnaire comprises of 3 parts. Please help Jittima with her survey, she needs to collect 400 questionnaires.

This is the link to follow to the questionnaire.



Dave said...

Questionnaire filled in!

Camille Lemmens said...

You're the man!