Fitness in diving

Happy New year to you all.

Hope you enjoyed my scribblings last year and that you will come back to enjoy this years posts and blogs.

My next IDC doesn't start until the end of January, so I'd like to take the opportunity to discuss some other dive related topics.

One thing I receive many questions about is if working out in combination with diving is possible.
Right now, we have a person who went through Divemaster training and is about to participate in one of my IDC's scheduled in early 2008.
He's also participating in Muay Thai courses, the Thai boxing sport, which is a very physical intensive sport. He, like many others, asked me before signing up for the courses of the diving courses wouldn't interfere with his boxing courses.

A good source of information is DAN Asia Pacific and their members only, quarterly magazine, Alert Diver. This magazine has very interesting articles on a wide variety of topics, ranging from 'pregnancy/women and diving', 'children and diving' and many other very informative topics in relation to diving.

One of the topics they have investigated is also 'fitness and diving', please click on the link for the full article which my friend John Lippmann, executive director of DAN AP, who kindly enough put up the website link provided.

The article, written by Jaime B. Adams, M.S. and Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D. gives samples of what kind of exercise are beneficial for divers (very convenient), like 'Body Squats' and 'Bent-Over Rows'.

Furthermore, you can participate in exercise after diving, providing there's enough time in between the time of your last dive and the start of your exercise, ideally 4 hours or more.

As a side note, if you ever have the chance of visiting one of John Lippmann's lectures or presentations (and he has plenty of dive/medical related topics he can talk about) don't miss out on the opportunity. John gives lectures throughout the South East Asia region and I can highly recommend to visit them. His lectures are very informative and entertaining.

I hope you enjoyed this inkling and I appreciate any feedback.


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