Specialty of the month November 2007

Equipment is this month' Specialty.

Equipment seems to be the right choice, since in Europe the diving is almost over in the northern countries and with this Specialty, one can still offer a course to keep divers interested.

Here in Thailand, this course can be taught all year round but right now, with lots of rain and relative low visibility during the rainy season, it may well be a Specialty, that although it keeps you out of the water, it's still diving related.

If you want to find out about how your dive gear works, then this Specialist course is for you. This course familiarizes you with the operation and maintenance of your dive gear. The more you know about how your gear works, the more comfortable you are with it, the more performance you get from it and the better you can care for it.

This Specialist course is not an equipment repair program bit it does give you general knowledge of dive gear (theory, principles and organisation) and maintenance procedures amongst others.

Interested, shoot me an email and we can hoop you up! This course is also available at Instructor level.


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