Equipment and DSAT Gasblender Instructor courses

Ivo finished his Instructor Specialty training today.

We completed the DSAT Gasblender and Gasblender Instructor courses today with Ivo as well as the Equipment Instructor course, as part of his extensive GO Pro CDC package, which includes up to 8 Instructor level Specialties.

We started off with completing the DSAT Gasblender course, which he started already last week, with the Oxygen cleaning part, together with Stuart as posted last week.

Here's a picture of the actual Gas blending mixing desk. The wheel on the left is the Oxygen supply, the wheel lower middle is leading to the tank being filled and the wheel left of this is the air supply, to top of the tanks after they're filled with Oxygen. The upper top left wheel is a vent.

The square box on the left bottom corner is the on/off switch and also counts the fill status of the tank being filled.

Part of the course is the Oxygen cleaning process, here are some tools used for this cleaning process; vinegar, steel brushes, PH paper, wanna be Simple Green (Dave, is it Christmas yet?), a black light and a clear light bulb.

For filling these tanks, you need a compressor as well, here's one of our compressor pictured. Too many hoses for my taste!

Talking about hoses, here's Ivo with a hand full of regulator hose spaghetti.

Today we also completed the Equipment Instructor specialty which included taking apart and putting together some 1st and 2nd stages of a scuba regulator. Ivo managed without having too many spare parts left over after putting them back together again.

It was Ivo, see you at your night dive and good luck with your first Instructor job, which starts tomorrow!


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