Update on the current IDC, the AI part

Tomorrow the AI (Assistant Instructor) part of the current IDC will be completed.

Up till now we have consequently been busy during this IDC. All 4 candidates have completed 2 classroom presentations and 2 confined water presentations each and they sat through a good hand full of classroom presentations presented by me. On top of that they also completed and passed a skill circuit consisting of 20 skills in confined water.

Besides an Open Water presentation, a General Standards exam and 5 dive related exams, which will be conducted tomorrow, they will be Assistant Instructors. Although, they only have one day off to enjoy their new status before they continue on with their OWSI program, so they eventually can pass the PADI IE.

Here am I in action, trying to explain something to them, during one of my 7 classroom presentations. From left to right, Elliott, Ivo, myself, Stuart and Andy.

This shows Andy during his first Knowledge Development presentation, in which, somehow he managed to relate a Jedi sword to diving!

In this picture we see Stuart in action during Rescue Exercise # 7, Unconscious Diver at the Surface, whilst he's trying to kiss a guy!This skill will be part of the IE and is practiced amongst others in the pool.

Part of a Confined Water presentation is the briefing and this sees Andy presenting his Confined Water Presentation (CFW) briefing.

Another part of the CFW presentation is a demonstration and here we can see Stuart during his demonstration of Mask removal, replacement and clearance.

Controlling your students during their skill is another part of CFW and Andy is controlling Elliott during his Partially Flooded Mask skill.

After your briefing and underwater work, it's time for a debrief and here we see Elliott and Ivo during a debrief.

As usual, we're fully enjoying our lunch breaks at World Resort, a time to relax and kick back for a moment and enjoy the lovely view over the bay and Koh Phangang in the background. On this picture from left to right; Elliott, Andy, Naz, Camille, Ivo and Stuart.

Tomorrow they'll be completing their 5 exams (Physics, Physiology, RDP, General Skills and Equipment), than lunch and after that, off to Chaweng beach for the Open Water presentation and after that, a well deserved day off!


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