October 2007 IDC finished

The current IDC running in October 2007 has been completed.

Yesterday we went on the boat to Koh Tao to complete the Open Water section of the OWSI program of this IDC and that was the last segment of this IDC.

It didn't start all that exciting with boat trips and such, first we started with more classroom presentations by both me and the candidates. Here we can see Ivo marching through one of his presentations.

The OWSI program has 12 presentations by me and here Ivo, Andy and Stuart are writing something down in their respective PADI IDC Candidate Workbook.

Elliott at full attention during one of the classroom presentations by one of his fellow IDC candidates.

It wasn't only classroom that we completed, we had some action packed Confined Water Training as well. Here's Andy demonstrating how to clear a mask underwater, whilst Stuart and Elliott are his 'students'.

During this IDC or rather the OWSI program, we experienced some extreme weather conditions for this time of the year, see my Samui weather blog for more information, and we ended up wearing 5 or 7 mm wetsuits in the pool.

Due to the already mentioned weather conditions I had to cancel the scheduled Open Water dive on Chaweng Beach on 24th October and we rescheduled the Open Water dive on Koh Tao, where we went by Seatran ferry and transferred over to the companies own boat on Koh Tao, the MV Waverunner. Here are Stuart and Andy (with in the right background Akira-san, Japanese IDCS Instructor) on the way over to Koh Tao on the Seatran.

Kana-san is the only Japanese candidate during this IDC and the only female. She's having a good time though!

Besides an Open Water presentation where each candidate had to present two skills and a Rescue Diver course workshop they also had to complete an Adventure in Diving workshop, for which I chose the Naturalist dive. For the second dive that day, they had to go and look for a symbiotic relationship on the White Rock dive site.

At the end of this intensive but also fun program, called the IDC, you may end up looking like Andy and return to your 'gada goodoo' days and the only thing you want is to have the PADI IE starting asap, so you can get rid of all that information gathered during the last two weeks.

The IE started today and they all passed their exams already, so keep an eye out on updates of the IE.


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