September IDC in full swing

The September IDC is indeed in full swing.

Yesterday we kicked off with the first day of the IDC and today, the second day has already been completed. Jeff and Nienke had their first classroom (knowledge development)- and confined water- presentations and they did well.

Here's Camille in action during the Project Aware presentation, earlier today. During the Assistant Instructor (AI) part of the IDC the candidates will enjoy 6 presentations by me and during the OWSI part they have to sit through another 13 presentations by me or in general, by a PADI Course Director.

Here we are, shortly before we dig in into a well deserved lunch, during the lunch break. As usual in World Resort, it's a lovely lunch and we are well stuffed afterwards. From left to right, Jeff, Nienke, myself and Amit.

Here's a view on the beach at World Resort, a view we enjoy during each lunch and it looks like we will be doing our Open Water IDC dives here as well, conditions seem favorable enough.

Stay tuned, there's more to come these next days,


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