Dive friends in Phuket

During my recent visit to Phuket,

I took the opportunity to visit some friends who run dive shops in Phuket. Trip reports about my Phuket visit can be found on my Samui weather blog.

First there's Chantal and Kevan who run Phuket Scuba Club in Kata, a very friendly South African couple who've been over 15 years in Thailand and still enjoy running a dive operation.

Gary at Raya Divers, who runs dive ops in all major locations of the Western coast, from Kao Lak down to Koh Lanta.

Last but not least there's Jamie at Sunrise divers in Karon who I tried to visit but due to bad weather the one day we were in Karon, it was raining cats and dogs, we'll keep sending emails instead of having a real life beer.

If you ever end up on the Andaman coast and you happen to be a diver, make sure to visit one of these dive centers, I can highly recommend them.