DAN O2 Provider Course

Today I taught a DAN O2 Provider course

Some of the IDC packages that I offer include the DAN O2 Provider course, like in the Platinum the DAN O2 Provider course is provided and in the Go Pro CDC package , my most extensive IDC package, also the DAN O2 Instructor course is included.

In the Divemaster courses that I offer, one can opt for a Divemaster course that includes the DAN O2 Provider course and the Nitrox diver course.

Today I had 1 Divemaster trainee, Grant, who opted for a DM package including the DAN O2 provider course, 4 students, Bas, Jamie, Nienke and Ivo, who are participating in the Platinum package and one Go Pro CDC participant, Laura, who also becomes a DAN O2 Instructor.

In general I can only recommend this course very highly, not only for Dive Professionals, but every diver who is safety conscious. More info on DAN (Diver's Alert Network) can be found on their website.

The course was held as usual at the local Recompression Chamber's classroom and I always include a Chamber orientation in the course. This is very useful since it lowers the thresh hold for a Chamber in general. It seems that a lot of dive professionals have misconceptions or 'fears' of the chamber and an orientation to the chamber helps to battle these misconceptions and potential fears.

Here are all the participants in today's course, in front of the Chambers entrance, from left to right;
Nienke, Jamie, Grant, Ivo, Laura and myself. Bas is sitting in front.

Ivo performing CPR on Little Annie, the practice mannequin.

Nienke listening to any reaction from Little Annie.

Bas performing ventilations.

The Oxygen equipment used during the course, a pocket mask, a non rebreather mask, hoses, Little Annie and on the bottom left you can see the flow meter from the regulator and part of the big oxygen tank.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching an EFR Instructor course in the Chamber's classroom again, with 5 candidates, so keep your eyes posted for tomorrow's post.



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