Halfway through the July IDC

A quick update on my current IDC.

Today we finished the Open Water dive for the AI part of the IDC and that completed the AI part of this IDC. The only thing my candidates still have to do is to hand in their General Standards exam on Thursday morning.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a well earned day off, we've been busy for 6 days, 2 days prep course and 4 days AI.

It seems to be clear sailing so far and they all completed two Knowledge Development Presentations (aka classroom presentations), 2 Confined water presentations and an open Water dive with 2 skills each. We also practiced Rescue scenario's (PADI Rescue diver exercise # 7) and today they also completed their 5 Theory exams.
Each of them had passing grades, so I'm looking forward to Thursday when we continue with the OWSI program.