PADI IE starts today

Today the PADI IE starts for my 6 IDC candidates, 1 English and 5 Japanese candidates.
There'll be 3 other candidates from Marita Fassbender, another Course Director on Koh Samui.

Today they will have to sit 5 theory exams with 12 questions each and to pass, they need at least a 75% passing grade, or 9 questions answered right! The topics they'll be tested in are Physics, Physiology, RDP, General Skills and Equipment.

They will also be tested on a General Standards and Procedures exam, 50 questions with a 75% passing grade. Since this is an open book exam, there will be no remake.

They can fail one Theory exam, which will give them the opportunity to have a remake tomorrow. In the unlikely event they fail two exams, they won't get certified as Instructors this time around, but will have to wait 5 days before they take this segment (the 5 exams and the Generals Standards exam!) of the IE again.

Tomorrow they will have a Confined Water presentation, they present one dive skill in confined water and they have a remake.
They also need to complete a skill circuit of 5 skills and score at least a 3 (out of 5) for all skills but need 17 points in order to pass, so 3's only won't cut the cake.

In the afternoon they have a Knowledge Development presentation. They have an assigned topic about which they need to talk in front of their fellow IE candidates. This segment also allows for a make up in case they fail their initial presentation.

On Sunday morning the IE will be completed with an Open Water presentation consisting of 2 integrated Open Water skills from either the Open Water-, Advanced Open Water- or Rescue diver courses and a rescue scenario. The Open Water presentation does not have a remake but the Rescue scenario does have a remake.

I'll keep you updated on the progress but I'm confident that all of my candidates will pass successfully unless they encounter a complete brain fart!

Stay tuned for more,